Fabric Solutions


Engineered Fabric

Add depth and volume with boldly printed Photo FabricĀ® graphics. Our proprietary Expansion Strip Technology allows graphics to slide directly into the extrusion grooves. This enables graphics to achieve true tension on all four sides, ensuring a tight, professional looking fit every time. Single-sided graphics work with four-groove extrusion. Double-sided graphics require eight-groove extrusion where the center groove may be used for an optional liner. Choose from either Ultra Stretch or Mesh Stretch fabrics.


We are pleased to provide you with the best dye-sublimated graphics in the industry. Printed on a multitude of sheer and opaque fabrics, the banner graphic solution can be used with most fabric options we offer. Simply slide dowels through sleeves sewn into the graphics and attach to extrusion using spring clips. Banners can hang inside or in front of extrusion, the latter of which allows for graphics to span across longer distances, minimizing the appearance of vertical supports.

Unprinted Fabric

Unprinted white fabric walls take on a life of their own when used with colorful lighting. Change the look and atmosphere of your booth with the simple flip of a switch on your lighting unit.

Green Knit
Ultra Stretch
Mesh Stretch
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